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Why Pure Breeds versus Mix breeds?

(Article from AKC)

Why Buy a Purebred Dog?

  1. Because when shopping for my puppy, I have the opportunity to work with a breeder who loves his/her dogs like family and will always be available, by phone or email, to answer my questions, provide expert advice, or just enjoy all the photos of my puppy growing up. Not only do I get a healthy puppy but a friend and mentor for life, who is totally devoted to her chosen breed.

  2. Because I would like a puppy whose parents have been carefully chosen for health—and have gone through a series of genetic tests to make sure that the puppy I get has the very best chance of being healthy, well-socialized, and well-adjusted.

3. Because I don’t want any surprises! I’ll be able to predict my dog’s adult size, exercise/grooming requirements, temperament, and more from 100-plus years of traceable pedigrees. Also, because I will have a personal relationship with the breeder, she’ll be able to match an individual puppy’s temperament perfectly to my individual lifestyle. In every litter, puppies exhibit a range of personalities; some are more dominant, while others are more laidback and mellow. By observing and evaluating the litter daily, she’ll find the puppy that suits me best.Originally ratters in mines and mills before becoming English lapdogs in the mid-1800s, the Yorkshire Terrier is bred to be a lap-sized companion.

4. When training my dog, I’ll benefit from the process having already begun, thanks to the breeder. My puppy has been handled from birth and has already begun to be socialized, which greatly affects how well adjusted he’ll be as an adult. My puppy and his littermates have probably been exposed to other dogs, cats, and children, along with loud noises like dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. He’s also already spent individual time in a crate. All of this early training gives my puppy added confidence as he joins my family.

5. My puppy will have received excellent care from day one. Perfect nutrition, the best medical attention, and lots of supervised playtime—all the components that go into making a happy, healthy adult dog.

6. If anything should happen to me, my family won’t have the worry of trying to find a caretaker for my dog, because my responsible breeder promised in writing to take him back. She is my dog’s advocate for life.

7. There’s nothing more thrilling than witnessing a dog’s natural instincts that have been carefully, expertly bred into him for generations come to life. Watching a herding breed start to move cattle in a barnyard? Watching a pointing breed aiming his muzzle at a bird even though he’s never hunted a day in his life? Amazing!The Curly-Coated Retriever, among the oldest of the retriever breeds, is a famously versatile gundog and swimmer.

8. It’s so rewarding to nurture those instincts and start earning medals and titles for my dog in fun sports like herding, lure coursing, and more. Doing this will build an unbreakable bond with my dog as we work together as a team.

9. That new puppy comes with a huge community of great people who love their breed and their breeders. The American Kennel Club offers a large network of dog lovers, available to give me expert advice and invite me to sports and play sessions. Many new friendships waiting to be made.

10. I’ll be investing the time to research a breed that suits my personality and lifestyleperfectly. By doing that, I’ll be virtually guaranteeing that the bond with my dog will be like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I’ll have a partner in crime—a friend that will never judge me but will share my joy and my tears for years to come, who will break my heart when he passes away because he’s been in my life since he was a baby—and even so, I know I’d do it all again for him.

That’s why I’m buying a purebred dog.


Ley Ley B: "There are many more reasons to buy a pure breed but these are some great starting points...."

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